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Do I get any grants when I take on a drylining Apprentice?

Yes, Construction Skills training grants apply when you take on an Apprentice.

Do you do Apprenticeships in Drylining?

Yes, we deliver the diploma in drylining which then links to the NVQ level 2 in drylining.

Do you do NVQ's?

Yes, this is linked to the diploma course. Once the course is completed, we visit the Apprentice on site to gather the site evidence over the remainder of a 2 year period from attending the diploma course.

How long is a drylining Apprenticeship course?

The diploma course has been designed through consultation with industry, with the diploma lasting 17 weeks with 3 week blocks separated with a month back on site.

How do I take on an Apprentice?

Firstly, speak to a local Construction Skills Apprenticeships Officer in your area, who will explain the procedure required to take on an Apprentice.

My business is too far away from the Academies for my Apprentice to attend

They can still attend the course as Construction Skills provide residential accommodation near the Technical Academies.

Builders Merchants and Distributors

Can I do an Advanced course before a Pure Practical course?

No, you need to attend the Pure Practical course before attending an Advanced course.

Can you come to my branch to do training?

Yes, we have a mobile training rig to do one hour training sessions per group of staff.

Do you cover national Building Regulations?

Yes, primarily Part E (sound), Part L1A (new-build) / L1B (renovation) thermal insulation, Part B (fire protection). British Gypsum product and system solutions meet the regulations covered on the course.

Is there a cost for the courses?

For Builders Merchants and Distributors who stock British Gypsum products and systems, the course is provided free of charge.

What courses do you do for Builders' Merchants and Distributors?

Pure Practical - hands on all day, and very popular / Advanced Builders Merchants course, and Advanced Distributors course – both classroom based, linked to practical area work.


Can we book visits from our college?

We are able to do a maximum of 2 college visits per month

Can you align project work for university students to the course content?

Yes, through discussions with course tutors at the time of booking a course, we can align project work to the Building Regulations in providing specification solutions.

Do you do CPD training days for college lecturers?

Yes, with a one day agenda being set as required for bespoke training courses.

Do you do one day courses for HND students from colleges?

Yes, with bespoke content.

Do you do one day courses for interior design qualifications from universities?

Yes, with course content set as bespoke for university requests.

Do you do one day courses for the Chartered Institute Of Building (CIOB)?

Yes, with bespoke content.

Do you do one day courses for universities who deliver construction / building qualification courses?

Yes, with course content set as bespoke for university requests.

How long does the visit last?

This can be dictated by a college - a maximum of 1 day being typically 9.30am until 3.00pm, or part day thereof

How many students can we bring?

Maximum of 15 per visit

What age do students need to be?

Students need to be age 16 or over (for Company insurance purposes)


Do I get a certificate from the courses?

Yes, all courses are certificated.

Do we need Personal Protection Equipment?

Yes, protective boots and old clothes for the practical work on the courses.

Do you do one day courses for Clerks Of Works?

Yes, with bespoke content.

Do you do plaster courses?

Yes, we do one day plaster courses on request.

Where do you do the courses?

East Leake (Leicestershire), Erith (Kent), Kirkby Thore (Cumbria), Clevedon (Bristol)

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