Comfort and energy savings through sustainable insulation

Isover, part of the Saint-Gobain Group, develop sustainable insulation solutions to protect both your built environment and the natural environment, with environmental responsibility at the heart of their business strategy.

Isover is the only glass mineral wool manufacturer to achieve the maximum possible recycled content, 86 per cent, using recycled glass that would otherwise go to landfill. Saint-Gobain Isover products provide the highest performing energy efficiency and acoustic insulation solutions that are safe to use and that help protect the environment. Over a typical 50 year lifespan of a building Saint-Gobain Isover insulation will save 300 tonnes of CO2, which equates to over 375 times more CO2 than is needed for its manufacture. Saint-Gobain Isover insulation warms and protects one in three European and one in five American homes. The company is committed to ongoing R&D to deliver technical excellence and global leadership in glass mineral wool insulation.

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